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Sandra Spruce

has completed the following course:

Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier

Newcastle University

This course explored the archaeology of the most heavily fortified frontier in the Roman Empire, its people and their lives.

6 weeks, 4 hours per week

Ian Haynes

Professor of Archaeology

Newcastle University

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore the archaeological skills and methods used to uncover the story of Hadrian’s Wall and its people
  • Interpret key ancient texts related to Hadrian’s Wall
  • Describe the diverse soldiers and civilians who lived along Hadrian’s Wall
  • Investigate the architecture and changing uses of the many different buildings which made up the Hadrian’s Wall system


Introduction to issues concerning colonisation, cultural transformation, immigration, integration and imperialism.

Exploration of life in the region before the construction of the Wall, the arrival of the Roman army and its impact on the local population.

Consideration of the different features of the Wall and its surroundings, and the way in which the frontier system evolved throughout the Roman period.

Investigation of the Roman army and indigenous populations through archaeological finds and reconstructions.

Examination of homes, dress, diet, rituals and religious beliefs, to appreciate the range and character of native people, soldiers’ families, slaves, merchants and migrants along the wall.

Interpretation of archaeological evidence, considering:

  • the factors that determine the survival of evidence
  • the different methods of archaeological prospection used to detect settlement locations and better understand their organisation
  • the planning of archaeological projects
  • excavation techniques
  • and the detailed study of structures and artefacts.

Issued on 14th December 2016

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Hadrian's Wall: Life on the Roman Frontier

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