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Certificate of Achievement

Vincent VAUBAN

has completed the following course:

Presenting Your Work with Impact

University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

On this course, you've explored techniques to organise your ideas, build a cohesive argument and identify the right tools to deliver your message. You’ve learnt how to take complicated information and present it clearly to your audience. You’ve learnt to create effective slides to support your message and built the skills to improve your presenting and delivery style in what could be a high stakes situation.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Jennifer Rosen

Lead Educator

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Learning outcomes

  • Explore how storytelling techniques can be used to communicate an idea
  • Apply the art and science of crafting content
  • Develop a visually-led deck
  • Explore mindfulness techniques to communicate with confidence
  • Apply presenting and delivery techniques
  • Reflect on the development of skills in the course


  • Storytelling in presentations
  • Creating stories and narratives
  • Creating slide decks to support presentations
  • Exploring mindfulness techniques for self management
  • Practising presentation delivery techniques
  • Applying presentation skills to your own presentation

Issued on 27th March 2020

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Presenting Your Work with Impact

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