Certificate of Achievement

Christhian Almir Gruhn

has completed the following course:

Game Design and Development: Video Game Character Design

Abertay University

This online course showed how to approach character design for video games, providing important insights into how gamers identify with the characters they control and interact with in game worlds. The course encompassed studies of anatomy, graphic design, narrative and gameplay, to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the field of video game character design.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week


Dr Robin Sloan

Programme Leader for Game Design and Production Management

Abertay University


Learning outcomes

  • Develop an appreciation of how studying human nature can inform how we design characters that audiences will recognise and understand.
  • Assess how fundamental visual, narrative, and game design principles can inform the development of characters.
  • Develop skills in analysing and prototyping character design concepts.


  • Narrative theory for video game characters
  • Gameplay design for video game characters
  • Visual design principles
  • Anatomical knowledge and physical cues
  • Professional insights

Issued on 24th October 2017

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Game Design and Development: Video Game Character Design

Abertay University