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Kamel Marzouki

has completed the following course:

Understanding Autism

The University of Kent

This online course explored autism, including diagnosis, the autistic spectrum, and life with autism. The course was presented in the context of addressing the 'big question': what do we understand about autistic people?

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr Jill Bradshaw

Senior Lecturer in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The University of Kent

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Learning outcomes

  • Investigate autistic differences
  • Identify differences in social communication skills and understand why these differences occur
  • Summarise knowledge of sensory experiences and repetitive behaviours
  • Explain why many autistic people have co-occurring conditions
  • Identify the strengths and difficulties experienced by autistic people
  • Explore and discuss lived experiences of autistic people


  • What is autism
  • Social communication skills
  • Sensory sensitivities and repetitive behaviours
  • Co-occurring conditions
  • Strengths and challenges of autistic people
  • Lived experiences of autistic people

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Issued on 13th April 2023

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Free online course:

Understanding Autism

The University of Kent