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Sandra Spruce

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The European Discovery of China

Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

This course was an exercise in global history that focused on when and how the West first approached China, and explored the influence that the discovery of China exerted on late medieval and early modern European minds.

8 weeks, 6 hours per week

Dolors Folch

Emeritus Professor of Chinese History of Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona

Pompeu Fabra University Barcelona

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the interconnection of different historical processes
  • Explore the interaction of textual, artistic and cartographic sources
  • Investigate the bias of European perception of the other
  • Summarise the early Modern Chinese society
  • Describe and discuss the European reports about China up to the 17th century


  • The Chinese World
  • Song cities and Mongol conquest
  • Marcos Polo’s China
  • The China that Europeans discovered: the Ming dynasty
  • China in the spotlight
  • The Friar’s missions and Mendoza’s book
  • Matteo Ricci and the Jesuit Mission
  • The 17th Century

Issued on 30th March 2017

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The European Discovery of China

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