Certificate of Achievement

Matthew McGuire

has completed the following course:

Big Data and the Environment

University of Reading and Institute for Environmental Analytics

This online course explored the potential benefits of environmental big data using current examples from research and business.

3 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr Jon Blower

Chief Technology Officer

Institute for Environmental Analytics

Vicky Lucas

Training Development Manager

Institute for Environmental Analytics


Learning outcomes

  • Explain the characteristics and identify sources of big data
  • Explore applications of data in environmental science for business
  • Understand the skills necessary to be a data scientist
  • Discuss the importance of open data and participate in citizen science


Week 1: Introduction to big data

  • Sources of big data, including satellites for looking at the surface of the Earth
  • Environmental analytics and the link to big data
  • Computing power, processing and storage for environmental data

Week 2: Data to Discovery

  • The importance of open data
  • The challenges of working with data
  • The skills and knowledge of a data scientist

Week 3: Big and Small Data

  • Citizen science for climate simulation and ecology
  • Real-life examples of environmental analytics
  • The power of visualising data

Issued on 6th July 2021

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Big Data and the Environment

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