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Sandra Spruce

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Shakespeare: Print and Performance

King's College London and Shakespeare's Globe

This online course explored the history of Shakespeare's play texts in print and performance with academic experts from the London Shakespeare Centre at King’s, the British Library and Shakespeare's Globe. The course covered topics including the early modern playhouse, print in early modern times and today, and Shakespeare in a global context, both on film and in performance on the international stage in the twenty-first century.

4 weeks, 2 hours per week

Professor Gordon McMullan

Director of London Shakespeare Centre, King’s College London

King's College London

Dr Sarah Lewis

Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern English Literature, King’s College London

Shakespeare's Globe


Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on Shakespeare as a global cultural icon
  • Discuss early modern performance practices and the development of the theatre industry
  • Investigate how the print industry developed in early modern England
  • Discuss early modern literary culture and the ‘instability’ of the early modern play text
  • Evaluate the impact of editorial policy on the way in which Shakespeare is read and performed today
  • Explore Shakespeare in performance around the world today


  • Performing Shakespeares
  • Early Modern Print
  • Shakespeare in Print Today
  • Global/Local Shakespeares

Issued on 2nd October 2016

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Shakespeare: Print and Performance

King's College London