Certificate of Achievement

Sandra Spruce

has completed the following course:

Exploring Our Oceans

University of Southampton

This online course covered topics including: an introduction to oceanography, ocean currents and marine biology.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Dr Jon Copley

Senior Lecturer in Marine Ecology

University of Southampton

Professor Rachel Mills

Dean of the Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

University of Southampton


Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate the degree to which humans have mapped the deep ocean and its habitats
  • Identify key controls on seawater composition and circulation
  • Assess the distribution of salt in the ocean
  • Interpret Collector's Curves to estimate numbers of undiscovered new species
  • Explain some adaptations to life in deep ocean habitats
  • Reflect on personal effectiveness in limiting potential impacts on deep ocean environments


  • History of ocean exploration
  • Modern mapping of the oceans
  • The movement of ocean currents
  • The composition of the ocean
  • Ocean biodiversity
  • Characteristics of life in the deep sea
  • Deep ocean resources and ownership
  • Human impacts on the deep ocean

Issued on 1st November 2016

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Free online course:

Exploring Our Oceans

University of Southampton