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Multiple ERICs
Multiple ERICs

What do you call a gathering of robots? Your feedback so far!

It’s been great to see so many of you sharing your ideas for what to call a gathering of robots in Week 1. The deadline for submission is 5pm British Standard Time (BST) was Sunday the 28th June.

We’re planning to take your suggestions on board to put together a list of the 5 most popular collective nouns, so you can vote for your favourite.

We’ll add a brief voting poll to this Step on Monday 29 June, at 4pm (BST) and announce the winner in Week 4 on Monday 6 July at 4pm (BST).

Update 29/06/15

Thank you for the many suggestions we received from you all in Step 1.1 on what to call a gathering of robots. Please use this survey to vote for your favourite from a list we’ve compiled of the most popular suggestions and our best picks. The poll will stay open until 5pm (BST) on Sunday 5 July. We will announce the winner at the start of Week 4 on Monday 6 July at 4pm British Standard Time (BST).

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