Multiple ERICs
Multiple ERICs

What do you call a gathering of robots? Your feedback so far!

It’s been great to see so many of you sharing your ideas for what to call a gathering of robots in Week 1. The deadline for submission is 5pm British Standard Time (BST) on Sunday 4 October.

We’re planning to take your suggestions on board to put together a list of the 5 most popular collective nouns, so you can vote for your favourite in a poll which we will add to this Step on on 5 October, at 4pm (BST).

We will be closing the poll on 11 October, at 5pm (BST) and announce the winner in Week 4 on 12 October at 4pm (BST).

Update 07/10/15

Thank you for the many suggestions we received from you all in Step 1.1 on what to call a gathering of robots. We apologise for the lateness of sharing these results with you - we had so many results it has taken us a little longer to count them all than we’d orginally anticpiated! Please use this survey to vote for your favourite from a list we’ve compiled of the most popular suggestions and our best picks.

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