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Sample Reading Task 1

You’ve been discussing different ways of reading. Now we’ll look at some different IELTS Academic Reading tasks, and think about how you need to read in different ways depending on the task type. After each Reading task, there will be a short quiz to help you understand the task and the reading skills you’re using.

Try this note-completion task, and make a note of your answers. When you have finished, check the answer key below.

Then leave a comment below. Do you find this type of task difficult? What do you think is the best way to approach this type of task?

Read the text here. We recommend you open this link in a new window or tab, so you can keep going from the task to the text and back again.

Here is the task.


Read the Answer Key.

This Reading task, and many other resources in this course, come from the Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS from Cambridge University Press and Cambridge English Language Assessment.

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