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Explore the histories of Black people in Britain

This Black History Month, whether you are a student, a teacher, or just interested in exploring the history of Black people in Britain and beyond, we invite you to unpack Black history with us.

The Black Lives Matter movement in the United States sent ripples across the Atlantic that became a wave, flowing into the tide of burgeoning Black activism in the UK. These new beginnings will wash over Britain, informing its confrontations with its colonial past, and shaping its reckonings with the future, for generations to come.

Perhaps louder than anywhere, the call for lasting change resonates across education. What we teach and learn today decides the course of the future.

Do you know about Black history in Britain? From learning about the lives of Black Tudors to exploring the colonial policies of Britain in the Caribbean, there’s a wealth of pedagogical and historical resources here for you to enjoy.

For teachers educating the next generations, we have courses to train you in embedding Black history in the national curriculum and in school syllabuses.

These online history, teaching, and tech courses will inspire you to rethink how we teach history in classrooms today, as well as question what you thought you knew about the history of Black Britain.

Embedding Black history in the UK curriculum

FutureLearn’s mission is to transform access to education – which means we’re dedicated to addressing inequality in education all year round, not solely for one month.

Our collection of courses helps you reimagine the future of the teaching of Black stories in Britain – from confronting the racial imbalance in the school curriculum to ‘decolonising’ universities.

Learning about Black histories helps us practically reimagine Black futures. Black history is British history – as these fascinating and inspiring courses show – and Britain’s future, more than ever in its past, will be guided by the educating of a nation on the identity, influence, achievements and struggles of Black Britons.