Upskill in Maths and English

FutureLearn and Unite have teamed up to offer free online courses in STEM and English to support Unite members to get back into work and upskill, whatever their level.

Delivered 100% online and led by world-class universities and educational organisations, these short courses will help you to build your confidence and knowledge in using Maths and English in professional and personal situations.

Study with leading universities and educators

Whilst the future of work for many looks uncertain, upskilling or reskilling through courses online is a great way to develop the knowledge and skills you need for a new role or to transition into an entirely new industry.

Whether you’d like to learn English for use in everyday situations or learn the language and vocabulary of healthcare professionals, Kings College London has created practical, skills-based online courses that will enable you to develop your English language and communication skills with leading and experienced English teachers.

Or, if you require a grounding in Maths and numbers for a new role or you’d like to boost your creative and deductive thinking skills, the National STEM Learning Centre and the Weizmann Institute of Science offer bite-sized courses on FutureLearn that will help you upskill in a fun and effective way.

Plus, our learning platform is designed to be social – you’ll study with an online community of learners from around the world who you can engage with through comments and discussion on every step of the course.

Whether you need to reskill in a specific area or you want to top up your learning and prove your expertise with a Certificate of Achievement from a top university, these online courses only require a few hours of learning per week for two to four weeks.

Join for free today and develop the Maths and English skills you need to succeed.