Develop persuasion skills for the workplace

Persuasion is a skill that’s useful in all kinds of different situations. In a professional setting, it can be used to bring out the best in others, helping to improve performance and facilitate decisions. It can also help with things like negotiation and building influence. Given how useful it is, there’s little wonder that organisations look for professionals with strong persuasion skills.

Like many soft skills, persuasion is closely linked to a variety of different areas. Communication, decision-making, and leadership are all involved in a person’s ability to persuade. As such, it’s an ability that has many uses, both personally and professionally. Clearly, taking the time to develop your own persuasion skills can bring many benefits.

Learn new persuasion and influencing techniques

Of course, like any skill, you have to spend time developing your powers of persuasion. With an online course, you can learn some of the fundamentals of the subject, as well as explore why it’s so useful. You can also work on some of your negotiation and persuasion techniques, making you better equipped to be proactive in the workplace.

You can also learn how to spot when someone else is trying to be persuasive. Our course on propaganda and ideology in everyday life examines how words can be used to influence political ideology. On the opposite end of the spectrum, our course on evidence and data collection explore how data can be used and presented to make a point.

Good persuasion skills are in demand around the world

Persuasive communication skills are highly sought-after. It’s one of the key attributes of strong leaders and managers, as well as top negotiators. As such, those who possess them often find all kinds of opportunities open to them.

No matter whether you’re trying to establish yourself in your current role or take the next step up, the ability to persuade and convince is valuable. With one of our courses on presenting your work or communication skills, you can learn some of the essentials to improve your persuasion skills.