Gallery for week 2 of Creative Coding

The weekly gallery showcases artwork created by learners participating in Creative Coding.

The gallery is curated by the lead-educators and moderators, and at the end of each week they’ll select a small number of pieces that have been shared by learners with the Monash Creative Coding group on Flickr that best reflects the week’s theme or topic in interesting ways. We hope the gallery inspires your own creative coding.

Sharing your images on Flickr

If you’d like your artwork to be considered for the weekly gallery, you’ll need to post it to the Monash Creative Coding group on Flickr. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register with Flickr. If you’re not sure how to do this, review Signing in to Flickr and How to join a Flickr group.

In the comments, share with other learners your thoughts on the artwork that’s been included in the gallery for this week. You might like to ask other learners about the coding that may have been used.

You can also share with other learners your thoughts on the week, making sure you mention what has excited you the most or what challenges with your coding you have overcome.

colored balls by John McAllister colouredBalls

squares04 by Karen Cropper squares_04

Karenw2_05_02 by Karen Atfield Karenw2_05_02

KirkeNarusk_w2_25_squares by Kirk98e KirkeNarusk_w2_25_squares

Week2-Squares-0501 by Ray Stinson Week2-Squares-0501

25 squares by Sofia Rodrigues 25_squares

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