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Build Emotional Intelligence for Collaboration and Innovation

Learn the skills to increase your emotional intelligence, improve how you collaborate, and better manage your relationships.

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Build Emotional Intelligence for Collaboration and Innovation

Discover techniques to develop your emotional intelligence

In our personal and professional lives, emotional intelligence is a vital skill to build positive relationships and unlock our potential for innovation.

On this four-week course featuring content from BigThink, you’ll develop a foundation in each of the four domains of emotional intelligence before progressing to more advanced leadership skills.

You’ll learn from some of the experts in emotional intelligence such as Daniel Goleman, Alan Alda, Kelly McGonigal, and Brian Glazer, to name a few.

Explore the four domains of emotional intelligence

Psychologist and author Daniel Goleman defined the four domains of emotional intelligence as Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.

You’ll explore each of these domains, building on each as you progress through the course. You’ll start with a greater awareness of self, and end with managing relationships that are critical to your personal and professional life.

Develop and improve your self-awareness and self-control

It’s important to develop an awareness of yourself in order to manage your self-control and collaborate more effectively.

On this course, you’ll build a foundation of self-awareness, exploring different ways to use your strengths, overcome your limitations, and create space between yourself and your emotions through mindfulness.

Boost your relationship management and collaboration skills

Effective collaborating isn’t just about the skills and experience of a team; it also comes down to mutual respect and understanding.

This course will develop your social awareness, looking at how people see the world differently based on a variety of factors. You’ll then be able to apply this social awareness, along with self-awareness, to build positive, mutually beneficial relationships.


  • Week 1


    • Welcome to the course

      Welcome to Week 1! In this activity, we will introduce you to the course.

    • Introduction to Heightening Presence

      “Presence” is a quality we admire in people and recognise as professionally beneficial, but what is it, really, and how does one attain it? In these first steps let's find out!

    • Heightening Presence continued...

      Having explored how to define and perceive what presence is, what about achieving it yourself and maintaining it?

    • Serve Your Purpose

      In the next few steps hear from Former Onyx CEO Tony Coles who describes what servant leadership means to him and how it “has influenced almost everything” he has done for the past decade.

    • Make Resilience Contagious

      Employees watch the reactions of their leaders, sometimes more than any other factor, as a cue for how to respond themselves. Author Kelly McGonigal shares with us how resilience is therefore contagious.

    • Putting what you have learned into practice

      We have covered a lot of big topics, now let's consider how we can put them into practice to optimise our performance.

  • Week 2


    • Welcome to Week 2!

      Welcome to Week 2! In this activity, we will introduce you to the topics and learning outcomes covered this week.

    • Strengthen Your Emotional Agility

      Our decision-making, particularly in complex situations, is flawed and dependant on whether a project is driven by external. or internal goals. What can we do to be better?

    • Difficult emotions and Fear

      Instead of “bottling” and “brooding” how can we learn to deal with difficult emotions?

    • The Art and Science of Relating: Empathy

      This activity focuses on The Art and Science of relating, actor Alan Alda introduces you to the topic, with a focus on empathy.

    • The Art and Science of Relating: Communication

      In this activity we continue to look at the Art and Science of Relating, this time with a focus on communication. This leads nicely into Week 3 where we'll cover Social Awareness in leaders.

  • Week 3

    Social Awareness

    • Welcome to Week 3!

      Welcome to Week 3! In this activity, we will introduce you to the topics and learning outcomes covered this week.

    • Social Awareness for Leaders

      Fluency, flexing, and communicating with empathy are the strategies of inspiring and effective leadership.

    • Become a Fluent Leader

      Good leaders learn to adapt to the new reality by becoming fluent in leading and communicating with people who may think differently than they do.

    • Advanced Social Awareness for Leaders

      What's the difference between passing and covering? What is unconscious bias?

    • Re-envisioning Inclusion

      Review the four axes of covering, and explore what it means to practice inclusion.

  • Week 4

    Relationship Management

    • Welcome to Week 4!

      Welcome to Week 4! In this activity, we will introduce you to the topics and learning outcomes covered this week.

    • Collaborate Intelligently: Our Minds

      People see the world differently based on individual preferences, as well as social and environmental factors.

    • Collaborate Intelligently: Communication

      Use attention cues and attention types to rethink how you communicate.

    • Relationship Management for Leaders

      There is a science to giving and receiving feedback which we are about to explore.

    • Reacting to Feedback

      Seeking and receiving feedback is critical for leaders to tune into the self and manage relationships with others—provided they receive it well.

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Learning on this course

You can take this self-guided course and learn at your own pace. On every step of the course you can meet other learners, share your ideas and join in with active discussions in the comments.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Develop awareness of your strengths, your limitations, and the values that define you.
  • Explore ways to create space between yourself and your thoughts and emotions, to help boost self-control.
  • Develop awareness of how people see the world differently based on individual preferences, as well as social and environmental factors.
  • Apply awareness of self and others to work toward collaboration, innovation, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Who is the course for?

This course is designed for professionals looking to learn and apply the principles of emotional intelligence.

Whether early in your career or currently in a leadership role, this course can help you develop your management and leadership skills through emotional intelligence theory.

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