Course educators, Dr Scott Spurlock, Dr Neil McIntyre, Dr Lionel Glassey
Left: Dr Scott Spurlock, Top right: Dr Neil McIntyre, Bottom right: Dr Lionel Glassey

Meet the team

This course is brought to you by experts at the University of Glasgow.

They will introduce you to early modern Scottish history, the Church of Scotland, the extant records and the skills needed to read them.

Dr Scott Spurlock
Scott is Lecturer in Religious Studies in the Theology & Religious Studies Department. He specialises in Scottish religious cultures, historical theology, religious networks and early modern colonialism. He has published widely on early modern Scotland and is regularly engaged with early modern Scottish documents.
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Dr Neil McIntyre
Neil is a Research Assistant in the School of Critical Studies. A graduate of Glasgow, St Andrews and Strathclyde, his work focuses on the intellectual history of early modern Scotland. He has recently published on Scottish religious culture and political thought.
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Dr Lionel Glassey
Lionel is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in History. He is best known for his research on the Restoration and Revolution periods in Britain. He has spent over four decades in the archives and is currently working on a critical edition of Gilbert Burnet’s History of My Own Time.
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Early Modern Scottish Palaeography: Reading Scotland's Records

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