Skip to 0 minutes and 12 secondsHELEN TRUBY: This week we're going to take a body systems approach to food as medicine. And we've picked the major body systems that obviously all humans have in common-- that is food for the gut and how we might keep a healthy gut going by the types of food that we eat, food for the brain and how our appetite works in terms of how we decide whether we're going to start eating and stop eating. And that's linking a bit also with food and weight, because clearly obesity is one of the biggest issues that we have to face in the world today.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 secondsWe're also going to look at how food might influence the outcomes-- not only for our children, but for our grandchildren-- by looking at food for fertility and during pregnancy and how food choices in pregnancy are really programming health for the future generations. And finally, the exciting area of personalized nutrition is going to be explored. As we understand more about the human genome, this is surely an area that's going to impact on us all. And how we might use personalized nutrition and being able to tailor that to our specific needs, surely a really important area for everyone to know more about. So we hope you really enjoy this week as you get more into using food as medicine.

Welcome to Week 2

Watch Helen introduce what you’re going to learn this week: food for the gut, food for the brain, food and weight, food during pregnancy and for fertility, and personalised nutrition.

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Food as Medicine

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