Skip to 0 minutes and 4 secondsSo thank you very much for joining us over the last four weeks on the Informed Health Consumer. We hope we've given you the tools to make informed decisions about health research, going forward. We've looked at how research is conducted and funded. We've looked at different kinds of research. We've also looked at external and internal factors that can influence the reliability and validity of that research. Conflicts of interest and issues around funding are something that we've shown you has significant impact on what research is put in front of you, very often, and how that research is presented. Thank you for all your comments and all your contributions and particularly for all the information you've given us via Flipboard.

Skip to 1 minute and 3 secondsWe're really grateful, and we hope you've enjoyed this as much as we have.

End of Week 4

Fiona Morgan looks back over the four weeks of The Informed Health Consumer

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Making Sense of Evidence: The Informed Health Consumer

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