The Friendly Counsel gallery

The gallery showcases ‘Friendly Counsels’ and guidance created by learners or anything else they’ve found that help others better understand the law.

This is an opportunity for you to now develop your text-based assignment from this week, and generate a more visually striking advisory for the benefit of your community. The format is up to you, but it could take the form of a poster, video, brochure or even links to a website or online campaign.

The gallery is curated by the lead educators and course mentors, and they’ll select a number of images that have been shared by learners with the Law for Non-Lawyers - Friendly Counsels group on Flickr that best reflect the themes of the guidance in interesting ways. We hope the gallery inspires you to create and share your own guidance to help others better understand the law.

Sharing your images on Flickr

If you’d like your Friendly Counsel to be considered for the gallery, you’ll need to post it to the Law for Non-Lawyers - Friendly Counsels group on Flickr. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to register with Flickr. If you’re not sure how to do this, review Signing in to Flickr and How to join a Flickr group.

Don’t forget, if you are uploading your Friendly Counsel to the Law for Non-Lawyers - Friendly Counsels group on Flickr and would like it to be considered for the gallery, please specify the image viewing permissions to ‘Public’.

To get you started, here’s a poster by fairwork.gov.au that we’d consider to be a ‘Friendly Counsel’. Browse the Friendly Counsels group on Flickr for more examples.

'Workplace rights' poster

In the Comments of this step, share with other learners your thoughts on the Friendly Counsels that have been included in the gallery.

  • Which Friendly Counsels do you think best describe the situation and relevant laws, and then offer the most practical guidance?

  • Which ones interpreted the brief most creatively and explored different formats for their guidance?

  • Have you found any non-learner generated guidance in the gallery that you think is effective? If so, which one?

“Farm Workers Have Rights Too” submitted by Andries Mashigo

Farm Workers Have Rights Too

“Neighbor dispute” submitted by Marina Bakanach

Friendly Counsel – Law for non-layers course

“Don’t give crime a free ride” submitted by @katminksy


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