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Law in your backyard

The “Harry goes Shopping” case study explores how the body of common law appears with an Australian perspective.

To illuminate the law more relatively to you and your community, it’s now time to discover your local common law. The underlying principles will be the same, but your society has amended, developed and shaped the law to reflect the values of your jurisdiction.

What you need to do

  1. Revisit Case study 1: Harry goes shopping and choose an event. For example, buying an apple with a bug.
  2. Conduct research online and find an advisory body/resource that explains how the law applies to your situation. For example, Consumer Affairs Victoria.
  3. Continue to conduct research and identify the relevant primary sources of law in your jurisdiction (Legislation/Case law)
  4. In the Comments, share with other learners your findings.

From your findings, is the sale and supply of goods and services in your jurisdiction now predominantly governed by legislation such as Statutory Guarantees or is it up to common law contract cases to provide implied terms into your contracts?

Need help finding law resources?

If you’re not sure how to find law resources, watch Caroline’s How to start finding the law and How to access online law resources to learn how to access and search for legal information online.

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