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Welcome to week 4

Welcome to Week 4

Okay, so you’ve written your business model canvas, and your business plan. You’ve finalised your goals, objectives and KPIs. So you’re ready to go - right? Wrong!

Before you start your online business, you still need to consider a few legal and logistical aspects to your online business (and of course, incorporate these into your business plan and action plan).

This week will focus on the legal and regulatory considerations you need to protect both yourself and your customers.

This includes:

  • The legal and regulatory areas that cover your intellectual property
  • The insurances needed to protect your business and your customers.

After you’ve attended to the important regulatory items, we will then discuss how to get started on thinking about your online presence:

  • Meeting standards of accessibility online
  • Using third party platforms and hosting.

We will then wrap up the week with other areas you need to also consider to get started, such as how to close any skill and resource gaps.

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