Research Philosophies, Research Ethics and Preparations for Research

Identify the different elements of a research paradigm, while exploring different logic enquiries when preparing research.

Research Philosophies, Research Ethics and Preparations for Research

  • Duration 2 weeks
  • Weekly study 10 hours

Understand the impact of unethical research

This course will enable you to better understand the approaches and methods to various research disciplines. You will learn to recognise the role of philosophical assumptions in a research project. There will be scenarios for you to suggest the appropriate paradigm and methodology.

You will recognise the role of philosophical assumptions in a research project while instigating an argument for which research practise is the most appropriate, depending on a subject area.

What topics will you cover?

  • Definition of a paradigm
  • Discussion of positivism, interpretivism, critical realism, post-modernism and pragmatism
  • Deduction, abduction and induction
  • Sources of ethical issues
  • Basic rules of research ethics
  • Developing a research question
  • Managing time effectively

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Identify the elements of a research paradigm
  • Explore different research paradigms
  • Explore different logics of enquiry
  • Identify ethical considerations of importance when preparing research
  • Identify important considerations when preparing to research

Who is the course for?

This course is for people who wish to discover different research philosophies while identifying their overall impact.

Please note that the individuals detailed in the ‘Who will you learn with?’ section below, are current staff members and may be subject to change.

Who will you learn with?

Yung-Fang Chen

Yung-Fang Chen

I am senior lecturer in disaster management at Coventry University. I am interested in pedagogy for emergency and crisis response training/exercises and risk communication.

Who developed the course?

Coventry University

Coventry secured gold in the UK Government’s 2017 Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and is University of the Year for Student Experience in The Times & The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2019.