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Turn Climate Anxiety into Positive Action

Overcome climate anxiety, learn how technology can unlock activism in everyone, and drive positive change in your community.

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Turn Climate Anxiety into Positive Action
  • Duration2 weeks
  • Weekly study2 hours
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Discover the role of technology in tackling climate change and climate anxiety

Start out on your journey to turning climate change anxiety into positive and lasting action with this fascinating course from Samsung.

Looking at the role technology can play in tackling climate change, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing our planet in the future and how to overcome them.

Identify how you feel about climate activism and technology

Alongside fascinating mentors and leaders, including rapper Lady Leshurr, documentary filmmaker Jack Harries, and with visionary speaker Andy Middleton, you’ll explore some of the things you can personally do to activate positive change.

You’ll then make a ‘Stand for Humanity’ pledge with activist Yazzie Min, and consider the importance of self-care and technology in climate activism.

How can you turn climate change anxiety into positive action?

Learning from the expertise of climate activist and documentary maker Jack Harries, you’ll look at the small steps you can take if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the climate crisis.

You’ll dive into the role food, veganism and technology play in creating a more sustainable future with Ed Winters.

Become an optimist in the age of anxiety

After probing at what the climate crisis means for us today, you’ll discover how digital tools can help build resistance and resilience for the leaders of tomorrow.

Plus, you’ll hear from course ambassador Lady Leshurr on her ideas of how to turn climate anxiety into positive action.

The final step of the course will invite you to develop a business proposal, service, or product which answers the question: How can technology unlock climate activism in everyone?


  • Week 1

    Anxiety and activism

    • Welcome to the course

      In this first activity you’ll meet the team of experts guiding you through this course, discover tips on how to use it and answer a big question about turning climate change into positive action.

    • From climate anxiety to active hope

      In this second activity you’ll be looking at some of the things you can do personally to activate positive change.

    • Balancing act(ivism) - using it and protecting it!

      In this third activity you will make a Stand for Humanity pledge and look at the importance of self-care and technology in activism.

    • Turning anxiety into positive action

      In this fourth activity you’ll look at the small steps you can take to make positive change with our expert Jack Harries.

    • What have we learned this week?

      In this final activity for Week 1, you will recap on the whole week with a quiz. You'll also look at some new skills you could learn to further your know-how beyond this course.

  • Week 2

    Food for thought

    • Welcome to Week 2

      In this first activity of Week 2, we'll start by recapping what you have learnt so far and reflecting on your thoughts from Week 1.

    • A better way: How technology and compassion can create a better world for our increasing population

      In this second activity, you will dive into the role food and technology plays in creating a more sustainable future.

    • Being an optimist in the age of anxiety

      In this third activity, you will look at what the climate crisis means for us today. Plus, how digital tools can help build resilience and resistance for us to be the proactive leaders of tomorrow.

    • How to create positive environmental change

      This activity features a task from HUBBUB (Samsung’s charity partner) which looks at behavioural changes that can have a positive impact on the environment and Lady Leshurr discusses turning climate anxiety into positive action.

    • How can technology unlock climate activism in everyone?

      This fifth activity brings you the final task of the course. It’s a chance to develop an idea to change the world for the better through our new tech for good challenge – Samsung Solve For Tomorrow.

    • Concluding Week 2

      In this final activity of the week there’s a quiz and some concluding thoughts on the overall week and course before you finish.

When would you like to start?

Start straight away and learn at your own pace. If the course hasn’t started yet you’ll see the future date listed below.

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What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to...

  • Reflect on your own environmental impact and understand how your actions affect the world around you
  • Identify tangible actions that you can take to contribute to solving this issue
  • Develop practical skills on how to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, think critically and formulate a creative solution

Who is the course for?

This course is primarily designed for 18 to 25-year-olds passionate about issues associated with climate change and activism.

However, the course is also open to those interested in making positive social change through technology.

Who developed the course?


Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. Samsung is committed to Enabling People by empowering future generations to achieve their full potential through education.

What's included?

Samsung are offering everyone who joins this course a free digital upgrade, so that you can experience the full benefits of studying online for free. This means that you get:

  • Unlimited access to this course
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