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Taking part in the BIM-AG professional qualification

This module will incorporate material included here on FutureLearn as well as within the BRE Academy BIM approved graduate programme.

What is BIM-AG?

During this course you we will be enrolled onto the BIM approved graduate (BIM-AG) programme provided by BRE academy. This programme will teach you about BIM and will provide you with a professional qualification once completed. The BIM-AG qualification can be extended following qualification at a later date to recognition as a ‘BIM informed professional’ or ‘BIM certified practitioner’ after further industrial experience.

The BRE provided activities will cover most of the learning requirements to be assessed later in the course. Further content, provided by Coventry online, will help to embed this knowledge with practical examples from both industrial and global perspectives. In order to get the most out of these sections you will be asked to comment on and discuss the case studies and interviews and present your own personal outlooks. For the best learning experience it is advisable that you take advantage of the opportunity to communicate with your educators and peers and share in the learning process.

How will the course weeks map to the BIM-AG units?

Each short course will cover three sections of the BRE academy material and you will be clearly directed to the programme site and given guidance at the points where you are expected to complete the sections.

How should I prepare for the programme units?

You should log into the BRE programme site early on in the course and become acquainted with its structure. There is further guidance on the site itself. Each learning module will take you step-by-step through the activity until it is completed. When you complete a unit remember to tick the progression boxes to unlock further material.

How is the programme assessed?

You will be assessed in three ways during the course:


There is an online examination at the end of the course. This is a timed multiple choice exam to test your knowledge of BIM.

The date for the online examination is provided on the programme assesment page.


After completing each BIM-AG unit you will be prompted to prepare an E-journal entry. We have prepared topics for you to use for your journal entries, which you will see on the steps prompting the activity.

These E-journals will form part of your core assessment. You will be expected to submit the journal entries into the Coventry University online portal, which can be accessed from the programme assesment page.

You should also hand a copy of each E-journal entry to BRE for assessment towards your professional qualification. The submission pages for this are available at the end of each unit.

The cut off dates for submission of your E-journal entries are provided on the programme assessment page.

Guidelines for journals:

  • word count should be between 200 and 400 words for each entry

  • the E-journal is considered academic research and should therefore comprise of literature reviews and citations presented in Coventry Harvard format.

The E-journals will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • knowledge & understanding of topic (50% of the overall e-journal mark)

  • relevance to topic (50% of the overall e-journal mark)

Feedback will be obtained from your associate lecturer following submission of your entries.

Three entries will then be selected to count towards the BIM-AG qualification.

BIM execution plan

The purpose of this assignment is to produce a post contract award BIM execution plan for the development of an information model capturing geometry and asset information contained within a domestic home.

This must be done in response to an employer’s information requirement (EIR) provided (BRE123-BRE-XX-XX-SP-K-001). This will enable you to present a BIM execution plan as a methodology for managing a BIM project based on case a study of employer’s information requirements (EIR).

The BIM execution plan assignment commences from Unit 9 of the BRE course (once you have covered this topic) until the end of the course. The BEP Assignment constitutes 33.3% of your overall mark for this course.

Submission of this will follow the same format as the E-journals and you should submit your plan to both the CU online portal accessible via the programme assessment page and the BRE academy website.

The cut off date for submission of your BIM execution plan is provided on the programme assessment page.

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