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architect runs through the rules and regulations
Architect outlines the standards and procedures

Why does BIM require standards and procedures?

In this section you will be introduced to some of the standards forming the basis for BIM before completing Unit 3 of the BRE Academy course.

Just as in other production processes, BIM follows certain standards, methods and procedures as illustrated earlier on.

According to BRE, standards, methods and procedures are defined as follows:

Standard: A level of quality or attainment

Method: A particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something

Procedure: An established or official way of doing something

BIM standards, procedures and methods are used as means for:

  • maintaining same level of quality of data used

  • raising awareness of the do’s and don’ts to other non technical practitioners

  • promoting efficient exchange of information among professionals

  • ensuring that the software used by different companies conforms to the standards set for national use

Your task

In your region, does the industry comply with the standards, procedures and methods promoted for BIM adoption?

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