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Diabetes Education

This postgraduate degree qualifies health professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to specialise in diabetes and help reduce the prevalence and impact of this complex disease.

Diabetes Education

Become a qualified, in-demand health professional.

Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest-growing public health issues. The chronic disease threatens human life and often reduces overall quality of life.

Learn about the anatomy, physiology and pathology of the disease and its sociocultural and psychological effects. You’ll also discover techniques for effective diabetes management and prevention through education.

Studying diabetes with Deakin means you’ll be joining the first and longest-running diabetes education course in Australia, and gaining access to a unique partnership with clinical diabetes services.

Degrees available


  1. Pathophysiology of Diabetes

  2. Diabetes in Social and Psychological Contexts

  3. Management of Diabetes

  4. Learning and Teaching for Health Professionals

What are the benefits?

  • Learn when you want by watching videos, reading articles, doing tests, and completing assignments online
  • Join online discussions and collaborate with your peers in a virtual study group
  • Enjoy discussions with feedback from expert educators
  • Get full access to the university library, online resources and support

Who developed the degree?

Deakin University is one of Australia’s largest universities with more than 58,000 students studying online and on-campus.

What experience do you need?

Deakin University offers admission to postgraduate courses through a number of admission categories. In all categories of admission, selection is based primarily on academic merit as indicted by your previous academic record.

You can enrol in these internationally-recognised postgraduate qualifications if you’re an appropriately qualified and currently registered professional with a health science background; this includes registered nurses, dietitians, podiatrists, pharmacists, exercise physiologists and general practitioners.

Applicants should have at least two years’ experience working in their chosen field since undergraduate course completion.

For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection Policy visit The Guide.

Key Information

The Deakin Graduate Certificate is a postgraduate award recognised in the Australian Qualifications Framework at Level 8 and in the European Qualifications Framework at Level 6.

This course is accredited by Deakin University and the Australia Diabetes Educators Association.

For further information, please visit the ADEA Being a Credentialled Diabetes Educator website.

Credit for Prior Learning

You may be eligible for an exemption from some credits. This might apply if you already have a recognised undergraduate degree, or significant relevant professional experience. If not, you’ll be required to finish four programs – the equivalent of six months of full-time study – to complete this degree.

Find out more about Credit for Prior Learning


The indicative price for one program in this degree is AUD $2,780. This means the indicative price for the full degree of 4 programs is AUD $11,120. Currency converter

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You can pay for each program in the degree as you go, making it possible to gain a qualification in a flexible and affordable way.

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