Explore and challenge the concepts of entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation and leadership. Gain a deeper sense of your own potential to utilise an entrepreneurial mind-set to support your career development, personal goals and aspirations.

Gain a global perspective with two world class universities

While entrepreneurship is closely linked with the start-up process, risk and venture creation, this degree is about entrepreneurialism - focusing on the spirit or intention to behave in an enterprising or entrepreneurial way. This may involve starting a new business or venture, but also includes an all- encompassing view of how an enterprising mind-set and skillset can be useful in employment or as an active social citizen.

Share your knowledge and become part of a global community that will encourage you to challenge your understanding of the concepts of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Graduate Certificate (AUS)/Postgraduate Certificate (UK)

The course aims to enable people from a very broad range of backgrounds to explore and develop an understanding and knowledge of the concepts and practices of entrepreneurship, enterprise, innovation and leadership.
1 year part time
$8,800 AUD (total tuition fee)
$2,200 AUD (price per program)
4 programs
Start dates
13 May 2019 (apply by 13 May 2019)
23 Sep 2019 (apply by 23 Sep 2019)

What do I need to apply?

Students are required to enrol for this award in accordance with the arrangements notified by the Universities in the Student Handbook. Students will be enrolled concurrently at Coventry University and Deakin University.

  • Applicants must demonstrate competency in English Language. Students who do not have English as their first language will require certification of IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum of 6 in each component).
  • Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in any subject or be able to demonstrate at least three years in relevant (as assessed by the joint course directors) employment to be eligible for admission.

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Analyse organisational complexities through multiple perspectives and cultures to demonstrate entrepreneurial insight
  • Evaluate accepted practices and norms using a range of tools and approaches to create change and drive entrepreneurial outcomes
  • Apply the characteristics of entrepreneurial mindset to practice
  • Analyse and use transdisciplinary perspectives for value creation and positive social impact
  • Apply practical knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship to communicate and effect transformational change

Programs on this degree

Exploring Socio-Economic Innovation
Strategic Innovation and Change
Critiquing Entrepreneurship
Creating Entrepreneurial Impact

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