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Complete Practical Bookkeeping

Gain vital bookkeeping know-how and skills to use in any business venture with this practical approach to managing finances.

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Start the bookkeeping journey to develop key accounting skills

Bookkeeping is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Not only does it help you keep accurate records of your expenses and income, but it provides you with vital information that can help with budgeting, improve decision-making, and aid in cash flow.

On this ExpertTrack, you’ll understand how and why businesses need to maintain accounting records, and how these records end up creating a full set of financial statements.

You’ll gain a solid understanding of basic accounting as you learn about the essential business documents needed for finances. With this knowledge, you’ll learn how to carry out key accounting processes including double-entry bookkeeping.

Learn how credit sales are recorded on financial statements

To develop your accounting skills, you’ll delve into non-cash transactions to understand the implications of credit sales and purchases.

By exploring these more advanced transactions as well as the role of VAT, you’ll gain knowledge of further considerations a business has to make on a daily basis.

Understand the importance of controls within an accounting system

Controls within accounting help reduce errors, ensuring the validity and reliability of the figures within your financial statements.

You’ll explore control accounts as well as the process of reconciliation to maintain the accuracy of your financial information.

Explore the banking system and payroll accounting

On the final course of this ExpertTrack, you’ll delve into other accounting functions such as payroll and the banking system.

You’ll learn banking terminology and the skills to help you navigate the banking system successfully before exploring payroll within a business.

Accurate payroll does more than pay your employees. It helps you calculate expenses, keep financial statements correct, and builds trust with your employees when they are consistently paid on time.

By the end of this ExpertTrack, you’ll have strong theoretical knowledge and the practical skills to ensure you know how to complete bookkeeping within any business context.

Key skills you will learn

  • Identifying business documents and transactions
  • Applying the concepts to double entry bookkeeping
  • Understanding the difference between different types of entity
  • Understanding the difference between different types of accounts
  • Undertstanding the relevance of VAT and accounting for it

Learning outcomes

By the end of the ExpertTrack, you’ll be able to...

  • Describe the effect that different forms of payment will have on an organisation’s bank balance.
  • Discuss the role the payroll function plays within the business.
  • Explore the business Cashbook as well as Petty cash and see how they are maintained
  • Identify the risk of errors arising and the need for the journal to correct these errors.
  • Evaluate VAT, how it works and who is subjected to it.
  • Discuss how returns of goods are dealt with from both the seller and the buyer’s perspective.
  • Define common terms used in accounting including capital income, capital expense, revenue income and revenue expense.

Experience required

This ExpertTrack is designed for complete beginners and requires no prior experience or knowledge.

You’ll start with the basics before moving onto intermediate and complex transactions and how you account for them.

Getting started

You’ll gain skills in bookkeeping and accounting which will help if you are new to business finance or if you have some prior knowledge that you wish to build on. It will also be useful if you are currently studying accounting or a related subject and wish to gain a practical viewpoint to ensure a sound understanding of concepts, theory, and application.

You’ll gain confidence and practical knowledge that you can apply in the workplace. This understanding will also be hugely beneficial if you have just started your own business and need to know how to create your own financial statements.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Course 1

    Learn the essentials of accounting to develop practical skills and knowledge to use in the workplace or for your own business.

    4 weeks

    3 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Introduction to accounting
      • Welcome
      • The fundamentals of business, accounting and the financial statements
      • Accounting systems - business transactions & documents
      • Accounting systems - books of prime entry
    • Week 2

      Accounting for transactions - basic principles
      • Welcome
      • Introduction to double entry bookkeeping
    • Week 3

      Ledger accounting and double entry bookkeeping
      • Welcome
      • Ledger accounting
    • Week 4

      Ledger accounts to the financial statements
      • Welcome
      • Ledger accounting - balancing off the ledger accounts
      • Preparing a trial balance
      • Preparing the financial statements
  • Course 2

    Take your accounting knowledge further as you understand different transactions and how these appear in the financial statements.

    3 weeks

    3 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Credit sales, VAT, discounts and returns
      • Welcome
      • Credit sales
      • VAT on sales
      • Discounts on sales
      • Sales returns
    • Week 2

      Credit purchases, VAT, discounts and returns
      • Welcome
      • Credit purchases
      • VAT on purchases
      • Discounts on purchases
      • Purchase returns
    • Week 3

      Accounting for inventory in stock
      • Welcome
      • Accounting for inventory
      • Inventory valuation
      • Closing inventory, opening inventory and double entries
  • Course 3

    Learn how to use accounting controls to ensure financial statements are accurate, valid, and reliable.

    3 weeks

    3 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Subsidiary ledger and control accounts
      • Welcome
      • The general ledger and subsidiary accounts
      • Sales and purchase returns
      • Control accounts and reconciliations
    • Week 2

      Errors and suspense accounts
      • Welcome
      • The journal: new entries within
      • Errors
    • Week 3

      Bank reconciliations
      • Welcome
      • Reconciling the cash book to the bank statements
  • Course 4

    Learn how the banking system works and instil trust in employees as you develop payroll skills to correctly pay staff on time.

    3 tests

    4 weeks

    3 hours per week

    • Week 1

      • Welcome
      • Payroll
    • Week 2

      The banking system
      • Welcome
      • The banking system
    • Week 3

      Practice assessment
      • Welcome
      • Task 1: Double entry bookkeeping and ledger accounting
      • Task 2: Ledger accounting, the trial balance and preparing financial statements
      • Task 3: Reconciliations and testing various controls
    • Week 4

      Final assessment
      • Welcome
      • Final assessment

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