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Online Bootcamp in Marketing

Content Creator Programme

Start your journey in content creation to nail your personal branding, grow your following, and thrive in the digital age.

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    20 weeks
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Become a viral content creator with Jolt and Nas Academy

Estimated to be worth $250 billion in 2023, the creator economy has seen rapid growth in the last five years. Many of the world’s most famous brands are investing heavily in content creation. That makes it one of the most attractive career paths.

On this exclusive five-month bootcamp, you’ll take your first steps in the ever-expanding world of content creation. Over four hours of intensive and interactive classes, you’ll build the entrepreneurial acumen you need to run your brand like a business.

Co-founded by the business and tech experts at Jolt and global influencer Nas Daily, the course will equip you with the technical tools and entrepreneurial skills you need to devise, curate, and finance your own personal content strategy.

Devise a watertight brand and content strategy

Before you can get stuck into creating your content, you need to take the time to reflect on your goals and brand identity. That means understanding your target audience and the content channels available to you.

You’ll begin the course with an introduction to the principles, structures, and styles of content and storytelling. You’ll learn how to identify a niche, set goals and milestones, and build an actionable roadmap for your content career.

Hone your skills in video scripting and editing

The next phase of the bootcamp is devoted to equipping you with essential skills in video ideation and editing. 

Covering the fundamentals of lighting and colour, advanced editing tools and techniques, frameworks for scriptwriting, and more, the programme will provide a toolkit you can take home and use on your own video content.

You’ll also be introduced to some of the ways generative AI can be harnessed to enhance home video production.

Master data analytics to optimise your content

High quality content is wasted without the data skills to ensure it reaches the widest audience possible. Tracking the performance of your content and processing audience feedback can help to ensure it remains aligned with your personal goals.

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll be introduced to analytics tools across each of the different social channels. You’ll learn how to access data, crunch statistics, and use these insights to optimise your content.

Manage your business like world-leading brand

Even optimised content is nothing without the business acumen to sustain it. The last phase of the course is focused on walking you through the procedures and logistics of running a business, to help you run your content creation enterprise like a world-leading brand. 

At the end of an intensive five months, you’ll have a clear roadmap, a network of potential collaborators, and the technical and entrepreneurial skills you need to turn content strategy into profit.

How will the skills I gain advance my career?

This skills-oriented bootcamp is designed to turn complete beginners into viral content creators. You’ll be trained to use different channels and softwares and run a successful business, while honing your skills in content strategy, planning, editing, and analytics. This will provide the groundwork for your content career.

You’ll also gain access to the expertise of world-leading content mentors, including global influencer Nas Daily, and a network of fellow content creators and potential collaborators.

Finally, you’ll build up a portfolio of 10+ scripts and 40+ videos, which you can use to launch your brand and demonstrate your talent to recruiters.

Will I be assessed?

There is no assessment element to this bootcamp. Instead, you will complete a range of practical tasks and assignments throughout the programme, receiving tailored feedback from your mentors.

Are you eligible for this bootcamp?

This is a beginner-friendly bootcamp providing an introduction to content creation.

You don’t need any prior knowledge or training to enrol on this programme.

Is this bootcamp right for you?

This bootcamp is designed for aspiring and experienced content creators who want guidance on how to hone their brand and reach an even wider audience.

With online classes and flexible hours, the programme is suitable for working professionals with other commitments.


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  • Course

    Content Creator Programme

    Start your journey in content creation to nail your personal branding, grow your following, and thrive in the digital age, with this online bootcamp from Jolt and Nas Academy.

    20 weeks

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