Introduction to Financial Management

Master the fundamentals of finance, financial markets, and corporate accounting to unlock leadership careers in financial management.

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Become a finance expert with Cranfield University

Whether you’re interested in careers in finance or in business management generally, you’ll need to grasp the fundamentals of financial management. This Bronze Award microcredential from Cranfield University is designed to provide an introduction to essential financial principles.

From a broad view of financial markets to the nitty gritty of corporate accounting, this microcredential will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in your leadership career.

Understand financial markets and financial instruments

You’ll start the programme with an overview of fundamental financial concepts and principles. You’ll learn about the function and importance of financial markets, discover different types of capital, and get to grips with the characteristics of financial instruments.

You’ll also take a closer look at legal forms of business organisations and issues arising from ownership-management separation.

Explore the role that financial managers play in organisations across the spectrum.

The focus on this course is on preparing you for your own career in financial management within business.

You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the role financial managers play in their organisations, together with their day-to-day duties and objectives.

With that knowledge, you’ll be equipped for your own career as a financial manager.

Build literacy in corporate accounting and corporate financial statements

As well as the broad overview of financial principles, you’ll also build your literacy in corporate accounting and legal documents. You’ll learn how to interpret and analyse corporate financial statements, and use these to make informed financial decisions.

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll have a firm foundation to build on in your first leadership role. 

How will the skills I learn advance my career? 

This microcredential has been designed to help you turn knowledge into practical action in your own organisation and workplace. 

You’ll expand your knowledge of an essential aspect of business leadership, and develop your analytical, strategic, and decision-making capabilities. These are all transferable skills that can be applied to a wide range of roles and industries.

How does a stackable microcredential work?

The modules on this microcredential are fully stackable and self-paced, meaning it’s up to you to decide how much you want to learn and when.

This is a Bronze Award microcredential requiring four hours of online course learning. To allow you time to complete reflection activities throughout, we recommend allowing a total of eight hours to complete the module.

You can also choose to continue your studies to Silver or Gold level, then stack other microcredentials in the Cranfield Online series and build towards a postgraduate certificate, diploma, or MSc degree.

What will I receive when I finish the microcredential?

Upon successful completion of the microcredential, you’ll receive a Cranfield Digital Learning Bronze Badge to certify your skills in financial management.

What you will achieve

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll be able to...

  • Discuss the role of financial markets and institutions and how companies operate within the financial markets.
  • Discuss the role of financial markets and institutions and how companies operate within the financial markets.
  • Discuss the role of financial markets and institutions and how companies operate within the financial markets.
  • Discuss the role of financial markets and institutions and how companies operate within the financial markets.

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

You can choose to study past our Bronze badge with a Silver and Gold badge from Cranfield Online. You can then stack these credentials for a Postgraduate award.

Please note, the minimum criteria for the Postgraduate Award is an English language speaking IELTS score of 6.5.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential is designed for anyone hoping to find out more about the role of financial management in business.

The transferable skills and knowledge learners gain through this course will be applicable to a wide range of organisations and industries.


What happens before, during, and after your microcredential

  • Before learning

    Once signed up to a microcredential, you will receive access to the content within 24 hrs.

  • After learning

    You will retain full access to the learning material for 1 year from the date you signed up. After successfully completing your submission you will be invited to progress to the next level.

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