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Online Microcredential in Business & Management

Making Sense of the Economy

Understand the economy and its regulation to situate your business in its wider context and respond to global economic challenges.

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Break down economics with Cranfield University

However small or far away, economic events have a direct impact on businesses everywhere. Being able to understand the economy and your organisation’s role within it is a crucial skill for managers today.

On this Bronze Award microcredential from Cranfield University, you’ll break down the complexity of the global economy. As you learn about the main drivers of economic activity, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the environment you and your organisation operate in.

With the expertise you gain over this microcredential, you’ll be a more informed and strategic leader.

Interpret macroeconomic information and practise economic forecasting

Macroeconomics analyses the economy in its broadest sense. You’ll start the course by taking a broad look at the global economic system.

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals of macroeconomics, you’ll get stuck into interpreting macroeconomic data.

You’ll learn how information about economic events around the world can be used to make forecasts of relevance to managers in the public and private sector. You’ll also have a go at some forecasting yourself.

Understand the main drivers of and obstacles to economic activity

To understand the economy as a whole, you need to know what drives and obstructs it. You’ll learn about factors that generate economic growth, and analyse the causes and consequences of economic challenges. 

You’ll also take a closer look at specific economic issues arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Analyse economic policy tools and mechanisms

The final phase of the course will consider economic policy and regulation. From fiscal policies to international trade, you’ll delve into the various tools and mechanisms governments and central banks can use to regulate and manage the economy.

You’ll cover crucial political issues like deficits and debts, inflation and deflation, unemployment and balance of payment problems.

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll have gained a broad overview and understanding of the economy and its impact on businesses. You’ll be better prepared to respond to global economic events on behalf of your organisation.

How will the skills I learn advance my career? 

This microcredential has been designed to help you turn knowledge into practical action in your own organisation and workplace. 

You’ll develop your ability to predict change, think strategically, and respond to economic events on behalf of your organisation. These are all transferable skills that can be applied to a wide range of roles and industries.

How does a stackable microcredential work?

The modules on this microcredential are fully stackable and self-paced, meaning it’s up to you to decide how much you want to learn and when.

This is a Bronze Award microcredential requiring four hours of online course learning. To allow you time to complete reflection activities throughout, we recommend allowing a total of eight hours to complete the module.

You can also choose to continue your studies to Silver or Gold level, then stack other modules in the Cranfield Online series and build towards a postgraduate certificate, diploma, or MSc degree.

What will I receive when I finish the microcredential?

Upon successful completion of the microcredential, you’ll receive a Cranfield Digital Learning Bronze Badge to certify your economic expertise.

What you will achieve

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll be able to...

  • Debate the potential for trade-offs with respect to economic objectives and economic management.
  • Debate the potential for trade-offs with respect to economic objectives and economic management.
  • Debate the potential for trade-offs with respect to economic objectives and economic management.
  • Debate the potential for trade-offs with respect to economic objectives and economic management.

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

No prior skills or experience are required for this microcredential. Learners just need a broad interest in economics and finance.

Non-native English speakers will need a minimum IELTS speaking score of 6.5.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the economy and its impact on business.

It will be particularly useful for business leaders, managers and consultants.

World-class learning with Cranfield University

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