Results Oriented Sales: Mastering the Art of Productivity

Optimise your performance and boost your productivity by understanding the importance of results oriented sales.

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Entrepreneurial Sales Institute (ESI)Entrepreneurial Sales Institute (ESI)

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Master the art of productivity in sales

Why spend more time achieving the same result? Why work harder when you could work more efficiently?

This 12-week microcredential from ESI explores the importance of results and performance, as opposed to activity, in sales. Geared towards equipping you with usable strategies for your career, the course covers key sales concepts, including clarity of purpose, business outcomes, and high-performance selling.

Learn how you could cut time and shorten the sales cycle

The overall aim of this microcredential is to empower you to achieve better results in less time. You’ll learn how focusing on business outcomes, rather than on business and activity, will help you to shorten sales cycles and cut out unnecessary time.

You’ll also discuss how to manage the impact that time and delays have on closing a sale.

Harness critical thinking to enhance your efficiency 

Critical thinking is key to finding the most efficient and effective route to a given business outcome. 

This self-led microcredential is designed to support you to work independently and develop your critical thinking.

Exploring the concept of clarity of purpose and its importance for critical thinking, you’ll develop strategies for prioritising effectively and avoiding procrastination.

This will give the clear-sightedness you need to weed out “distractor tasks” that do not contribute to your sales goals.

Understand what high performance really means

If results are prioritised over activity, then the busiest sales professionals are not necessarily the highest achievers. As you progress through the microcredential, you’ll deepen your understanding of what high performance really means.

Considering the sales cycle as a whole, you’ll be  trained to take a results oriented approach to every aspect of your work.

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll be ready to work more efficiently and boost your productivity.

How will the skills I develop advance my career?

This hands-on microcredential is designed to equip with practical sales skills and strategies that you can take home and implement in your organisation.

You’ll learn how to think strategically and critically, develop clarity of purpose, and achieve better results in less time. This will give you an edge in the competitive world of sales.

You’ll also earn an industry-recognised professional qualification that you can use to demonstrate your skills and credentials to recruiters.

How does a stackable microcredential work?

This is one of a series of  stackable microcredentials from ESI, meaning it can be combined with other programmes to build up to a higher qualification. Complete the microcredentials of your choice, in any order and over as long a period as you like, “stacking” skills and knowledge as you progress.

Depending on the number of microcredentials you stack, you could earn a certificate, a professional certificate, or a university-grade professional diploma.

What will I receive when I finish the microcredential?

What you receive at the end of the microcredential depends on how many microcredentials you complete. Stack two microcredentials to earn a certificate, three for a professional certificate, and four for ESI’s flagship professional diploma.

What you will achieve

By the end of the microcredential, you’ll be able to...

  • Equip yourself with a suite of complex sales skills that drive higher performance.
  • Develop the confidence and expertise to engage with senior executives – inside and outside your organisation.
  • Advance your career to the next stage by getting ahead & staying relevant.

Are you eligible for this microcredential?

There are no formal entry requirements for this microcredential. You just need a background in sales and an interest in taking your skills to the next level by discovering the importance of results oriented sales.

Is this microcredential right for you?

This microcredential is designed for aspiring, emerging, and experienced sales professionals.


What happens before, during, and after your microcredential

  • Course

    Results Oriented Sales: Mastering the Art of Productivity

    Optimise your performance and boost your productivity by understanding the importance of results oriented sales, with this online microcredential from ESI.

    12 weeks

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