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University of Bergen

University of Bergen

About University of Bergen

The University of Bergen (UiB) offers first-class education and cutting-edge research at our location in the city centre of Bergen, Norway. We have collaborations worldwide, and are ranked among the world’s top 200 universities, according to the QS World University Rankings.

UiB has 14,000 students and 3,500 staff. The university has always had a strong international presence, and 21% of academic staff, 30% of PhD candidates and 11% of students at UiB are from outside of Norway.

The university was officially opened in 1948, and is a young and dynamic university. UiB offers comprehensive research and education. Our six faculties and 30 departments cover all the major academic disciplines.

Bordered by the North Sea to the west and mountains to the east, our proximity to nature is underlined by the university’s strong marine and environmental research.

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