Critical Mass

Some of the Critical Mass team holding a sign that reads "Ad Age Best Places to Work 2020"


We are a full-service digital agency with experience design at our core, but our breadth of services spans strategic consulting, marketing communications, technology implementation, and marketing science (analytics). We tailor our offerings to each client’s needs, and with the backing of our global team and broader Omnicom sister agencies, no capability is ever out of our reach.

Strategic Consulting: Our strategy team crafts the insights and plans that drive our creative approaches. Whether drawing on expertise in data sciences or conducting primary ethnographic research, our team’s overarching aim is to demystify the ever-changing digital landscape by ensuring we pivot towards the customer’s point of view—to reframe our client’s challenges from business problems to people problems. Our strategists also hold routine workshops and whiteboard sessions to ideate, plan, and improve the impact of our work.

Experience Design: Above all, we are Experience Designers with a relentless focus on the customer. The best digital experiences make brand interactions simpler, more valuable, entertaining, and a delight to use. They also drive measurable business results and “brand love” over the long term. Our experience design approach is always evolving, too. In addition to device interactions, we’ve found ourselves designing physical and digital integrations, voice interaction, and augmented reality experiences—whatever best serves our clients’ customers in a given moment.

Technology Implementation: We specialize in platforms and connected digital interfaces that allow customers to interact with brands in natural, intuitive ways. From colossal technology builds on a global scale to quick, hands-on experiments with creative technology, our teams have the capability to prototype, produce, test, deploy, operate, and optimize digital properties of all types and at scale. This comprehensive expertise ensures our technology and data work in concert with rich experience design so that incredible things happen for our clients, and their customers.

Marketing Science: Brilliant design creates an emotional connection, but data proves that our work is driving results. For Critical Mass data is at the heart of all our work and is used in every stage of our processes. Whether we’re preparing for new business opportunities or assessing the performance of our digital strategy, data plays a central role. We have a global team of over 80 data scientists, data strategists, and engineers who infuse advanced AI practices into our clients’ businesses, driving their business forward from a customer experience and revenue optimization perspective. Simply put, AI and technology are helping us improve our clients’ brand value, end-to-end customer experiences, and digital strategies.