EduMaxi is a learning solutions consultancy established in 2007, specializing in the planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of learning and development solutions across a range of industry sectors.

EduMaxi’s scalable, talented team has extensive experience providing learning and development solutions to professional organizations and educational institutions both locally and internationally.

EdTech Sector The EduMaxi team knows that education is at the verge of exponential change and disruption, so innovation and technology is at the top of their agenda. They are helping many companies, large and small, to cross the digital divide and to either evolve their existing physical products into a digital format or to develop digital products from scratch.

Corporate Sector The team at EduMaxi collaborates with subject matter experts to design and deliver innovative digital learning solutions for organizations and businesses of all sizes. EduMaxi also facilitate team building, planning and professional development workshops.

Early Childhood Sector EduMaxi helps professionals in the early childhood sector to envisage and frame the future. The team’s innovative learning solutions encourage young learners to learn through play, curiosity and creativity. EduMaxi is the publisher of Te Reo Singalgong books - Sharon Holt’s award-winning series of which more than 60,000 copies have been sold to kindergartens and early childhood centres, mainly in New Zealand.

School Sector EduMaxi develops curricula, full programs, and resource packs for schools that are interested in introducing new initiatives.

ELT Sector EduMaxi creates simple, efficient language learning resources, both print-based and digital. The team has been designing, developing and implementing projects and maintaining products for a multitude of organizations around the world since 2007, including New Oriental Education and Technology Group, British Council, Vital English, Cambridge ESOL, McGraw-Hill Education, and many more.

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