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Weizmann Institute of Science

Jubilee Plaza at the Weizmann Institute of Science

About Weizmann Institute of Science

The Weizmann Institute of Science is one of the world’s leading multidisciplinary basic research institutions in the natural and exact sciences. Founded in 1934 by Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the chemist who became the first president of the State of Israel, the Institute today has five faculties – Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. The basic premise underlying all of its research is that its scientists are required, first and foremost, to follow their own curiosity. This has led to fascinating cross-collaboration between researchers in every corner of the Institute and findings that often represent leaps in our understanding of the world.

Today, Weizmann Institute scientists are leading the world in such areas as personalised medicine, nano-biological chips, advanced methods of tissue transplantation, deciphering mysterious supernova blasts, developing new methods for uncovering the genetic basis of disease, producing quasiparticles with one-fourth the charge of an electron and photon-based devices that could form the future basis of quantum communication, and much more.

In line with the Weizmann Institute’s focus on curiosity-driven research is its emphasis on science education. The Davidson Institute of Science Education, the Institute’s science education arm, directs and organises the Institute’s educational activities, from teacher enrichment courses to after-school activities and science camps.

Free Weizmann Institute of Science Courses