Brian Price


Retired pharmacist.Degree from the O.U. in psychology. I am a passionate sceptic particularly about politics and politicians, Big Pharma.and "Who rules the world."

Location Aberdare, South Wales.,


  • Frank Collier
  • Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray

    Professor Sophie Gilliat-Ray

    Professor of Religious & Theological Studies at Cardiff University and the Founding Director of the Islam-UK Centre. I have written numerous articles and books about Islam and Muslims in Britain.

  • Mansur Ali

    Mansur Ali

    I am a Lecturer in Islamic Studies at Cardiff University. I am interested in Islam and ethics, and the intersection of theology with sociology.

  • Mark Bryant

    Mark Bryant

    Development Officer for the Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK , Cardiff University and lead academic producer for 'Muslims in Britain' course.

  • Charlotte  Nanton