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In this program you will develop contemporary ways of answering the important question, ‘what does it mean to be human?'

This program is part of the Bachelor of Arts degree offered by The University of Newcastle Australia

Explore what it means to be human from a variety of disciplinary perspectives

This program examines the history and learning principles of the Humanities, and explores how critical thinking occurs inside and across disciplines. You will consider the complexity of today's world and engage in intellectual debates on the big ideas and major concepts underpinning the Humanities, including power, language, storytelling, and representation.

This program provides innovative research skills in Humanities disciplines, informed by traditional and new perspectives. It also highlights new awareness of the relevance of digital research tools in the Humanities. It fosters a learning environment that enables students to develop skills in problem solving, making convincing arguments, and intercultural awareness.

At the conclusion of this program, you will have developed written, oral and digital research and communication skills that are vital for success in the Bachelor of Arts and a range of potential career paths. They will also have demonstrated foundational understanding of the role of the Humanities in knowledge creation and ethical problem solving.

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Who will you learn with?

PhD in History
BA English Literature

Teaching: Humanities, History, Digital History (GLAM, Heritage)

Research: cultural history, food history, economic history. Transnational and comparative methods.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate introductory knowledge of Humanities disciplines, including developing understandings of how humans communicate and acquire knowledge.

  2. Review local and global problems and ideas, and recognise how Humanities disciplines can interact to produce new understandings or findings.

  3. Conduct basic scholarly research using digital platforms and find appropriate resources to answer the problem in its context.

  4. Apply core academic reading and writing skills to communicate research outcomes.

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