University of Leeds & Institute of Coding program

Creating Digital Content

Discover how you can create and sustain engaging online content and learn how to build an effective digital marketing plan.

  • Overview 3 courses
  • Duration 6 weeks

Find out how to implement a successful social media marketing strategy online

On this program, you’ll develop your understanding of how digital content platforms work and learn how to use them more effectively both in and out of the workplace.

You’ll build your confidence in creating engaging digital content as you debunk content myths and evaluate the employability of your online presence.

You’ll learn how to identify suitable platforms for your needs as well as the right type of communication strategy and platforms.

You’ll also critically evaluate the use of language in the online content you encounter and try out practical strategies to better communicate online.

Open program

When you complete all courses, and earn a Certificate of Achievement for each, you will receive a digital FutureLearn Award as proof of completing the program of study.

6 weeks recommended learning
$0 USD (course costs)
3 courses

What do I need to start?

This program is designed for people who have digital skills but would like to build confidence in using digital technology in the workplace. This may include those studying for A-levels, those who have a degree, or those who want to improve their career prospects. The program will also be useful for anyone in employment who wants to boost their digital skills or anyone returning to the workplace who’d like to gain confidence in how working practices have evolved.

What skills will I learn?

This flexible program of online courses allows learners to develop their understanding of how digital content platforms work and learn how to use them more effectively both in and out of the workplace.

Completing all three courses in this program means you will:

  • Define social media strategy and its components
  • Describe how various media formats are used to create compelling online content
  • Explain the direct and indirect activities that contribute to online presence
  • Classify communications strategies
  • Develop a plan for an effective online presence

Courses on this program

3 courses

Supported by Institute of Coding

This program has been developed with the support of the Institute of Coding, a network of employers, universities, training providers and professional bodies working together to create the skills needed for the digital economy.

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