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This program is part of the Diabetes Education degree offered by Deakin University
Welcome to the program

The aim is to facilitate students to develop in-depth understanding of the meaning of living with diabetes for an individual and their family in the context of nursing, psychology, sociology and other health related disciplines. Students will explore a number of contemporary issues in diabetes education practice and in caring for people with diabetes. The issues are placed in the context of sociological and psychological theories, health promotion principles, and best practice guidelines in diabetes education, based on contemporary national and international research. The unit acknowledges that global economic imperatives and the local and global market place influences diabetes education. Within this context, the unit explores a number of trends that impact on future diabetes practice.

This unit explores what it means to be diagnosed with diabetes; the problems of adjusting to a chronic illness and the role of family, friends and health professionals in that adjustment. The unit draws on nursing, psychological, and sociological perspectives to clarify the different problems that an individual with diabetes encounters and to formulate appropriate caring strategies. The unit addresses the psychosocial issues experienced by vulnerable groups in the community. The unit links contemporary diabetes practice to current research and provides a deep understanding of the links between practice, evidence-based practice and research.

The relationship between people with diabetes and health professionals and its impact on clinical outcomes underpins the unit, and strategies to facilitate good clinical communication, assessing health literacy, empowerment, and health promotion are provided.

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Skip to 0 minutes and 6 secondsWelcome to this Deakin University unit, one of the first we're presenting on FutureLearn, a global platform. I'm Professor Beverley Oliver, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education. And I want to take a moment to explain some of the unique learning experiences we're offering through this FutureLearn platform. Your learning will be broken into two-week courses. This allows us to present a clear story in simple steps that are easy for you to follow. It means that you can go at your own pace and study when and how it suits you. And you can track your progress by marking each step as complete. You'll also notice that we ask you to collaborate with other students.

Skip to 0 minutes and 51 secondsResearch over many years shows us we learn more effectively when we learn with others rather than in isolation. So your course has been designed to provoke conversations with your fellow learners. You'll also get regular advice and feedback from our world-class educators and mentors. Finally, and most importantly, you will complete assignments that challenge you, test your understanding, and build evidence of your graduate learning outcomes for your professional future. We're very pleased to be offering this to you as a world first with FutureLearn, and we're very glad you're joining us. We're looking forward to hearing from you about how you find it.


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Who will you learn with?

Catharine McNamara

Cath is a clinical nurse specialist in diabetes with a special interest in diabetes in pregnancy. She is committed to quality clinical care and preparing future diabetes educators.

Virginia Hagger

Virginia is a RN-credentialed diabetes educator, who has worked in the diabetes field as a clinician, program manager, and researcher. She is the Course Leader for the Grad Cert in Diabetes Education

Learning outcomes

  • ULO1 - Explain the psychosocial impact of diabetes and its management on the person with diabetes and their family members/caregivers
  • ULO2 - Identify key aspects of life transitions of chronic illness and their relevance to diabetes education.
  • ULO3 - Critically examine the cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social barriers to self-care and strategies to address these barriers
  • ULO4 - Identify strategies within a multidisciplinary team that can be adopted in clinical practice when considering the impact of diabetes on people’s lifestyles and emotional well-being
  • ULO5 - Explain the concept of empowerment and/or self-efficacy in relation to consumer participation and health promotion
  • ULO6 - Identify key aspects relevant to diabetes management of people from diverse backgrounds and vulnerable populations.
  • ULO7 - Demonstrate an appreciation for evidence based practice diabetes care.

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