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Diabetes in Social and Psychological Contexts

Welcome to this Deakin University unit, HND732: Social and Psychological Contexts of Diabetes, where we will explore the impact of living with diabetes, and how health professionals can respond.

This program is part of the Diabetes Education degree offered by Deakin University

Welcome to the program

This unit develops an in-depth understanding of the meaning of living with diabetes for an individual and supportive care provided by the diabetes educator.

The unit draws on nursing, psychological, and sociological perspectives to clarify the different problems that an individual with diabetes and their family members encounter and appropriate caring strategies based on contemporary research and best-practice guidelines.

The therapeutic relationship underpins this unit and strategies to facilitate positive communication, promote health literacy, empowerment and health promotion are provided.


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Who will you learn with?

Dr Virginia Hagger is a RN-CDE, who has worked in the diabetes field as a clinician, program manager and researcher. She is the Course Leader for the Grad Cert in Diabetes Education.

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the psychosocial impact of being diagnosed with and living with diabetes on an individual and their family members/carers in relation to their social, economic and cultural background and life-stage.
  • Identify key aspects of life transitions and chronic illness and their relevance to diabetes education.
  • Identify cognitive, emotional, behavioural and social barriers and enablers to self-care and explain how these are associated with health behaviours and outcomes.
  • Apply knowledge of the social-ecological model of health to assess the psychological wellbeing, self-management capacity and support needs of a person with diabetes and their family members/carers.
  • Critically examine contemporary theories of health psychology in relation to diabetes education and health promotion.
  • Identify vulnerable population groups and critically examine strategies to provide culturally appropriate care and education and improve their health outcomes.
  • Apply the principles of person-centred care and evidence-based practice to select appropriate, multidisciplinary strategies to support psychosocial wellbeing and address barriers to optimal self-care.

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