University of Leeds & Institute of Coding program

An Introduction to Coding and Design

Ever wonder how apps and websites are made and designed? Do practical exercises to build your skills in coding, app design and UX.

  • Overview 3 courses
  • Duration 6 weeks

Get acquainted with programming and the fundamentals of user experience (UX)

On this program, you’ll explore the technology and design behind websites and apps.

Starting with the basic coding languages, you’ll learn how programming works and have the chance to practice using block-based text (a simple approach to coding without using text).

You’ll also explore app design, good user experience practice, and have a go at designing your own app.

Along the way, you’ll hear from people who are also just starting out on their career journey, as well as from experts who’ll share their experiences and tips about getting into the coding and design industries.


3 courses

Supported by Institute of Coding

This program has been developed with the support of the Institute of Coding, a network of employers, universities, training providers and professional bodies working together to create the skills needed for the digital economy.

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  • University of Leeds
  • Institute of Coding

Learning outcomes

This flexible program of online courses allows learners to explore the technology and design behind websites and apps. Completing all three courses in this program means you will:

  • Explore the basic principles of computers and coding
  • Identify and use simple coding languages
  • Create a prototype for a mobile app with a great user experience