Managing People Assessment Course

Complete the assessment course to receive feedback from Henley Business School at the University of Reading and achieve the program award for this EOCCS accredited program.

This assessment is intended for students who wish to demonstrate achievement on the Managing People Program. To be eligible for this final assessment, you will have to upgraded the four courses in the Program. The assignment will ask you to reflect on the issues that you experience at work and so it is essential that you are currently in work or have worked recently. Ideally in a managerial capacity. You will not achieve a high mark if you do not use examples from your own workplace.

Drawing on your learning from the courses, further reading on the subject, and information you have gained from your organisation, propose a set of changes you believe would lead to better engagement of your workforce. You should justify your proposal and explain the challenges you are likely to face in making the changes.

You will be asked to prepare a response of less than 1500 words, taking account of the following:

  • Whilst the courses within the Program cover the basic material, you may wish to extend this using wider academic sources such as the suggested further reading. You will not be able to achieve high marks if you do not demonstrate evidence of wider reading.
  • You should aim to draw on ideas from at least three separate weeks across any of the courses.
  • You should describe the changes you would like to make succinctly
  • The changes could relate to your own personal practice, your team, or the wider organisation.
  • You can draw on the assignments you have already prepared during the Program.
  • When justifying your choice you should write at least 800 words to explain why the changes are needed, the benefits you would hope to achieve, and clearly show how course learning has informed your choice.
  • When identifying challenges you should use evidence from both the workplace and your learning. You should aim to write at least 300 words in this area.
  • Sources of ideas and material must be fully and accurately referenced. You should use the Harvard referencing system, guidance is provided in the assessment course.