Why Research Matters: Final Assessment Course

Revise, practise and then assess the knowledge and skills you have gained throughout the 5 courses that make up this Program.

To take the final assessment course, you must have upgraded on and successfully completed the 5 courses of the Why Research Matters program. This course will enable you to demonstrate your readiness to conduct research that is feasible, methodologically sound and that will benefit the community.

Price: $700 AUD

Course Outline

The course will lead you through the processes required to complete your three final assessment tasks. There is no new learning content. Rather, the focus is on helping you develop essential academic skills.

  • Week 1: your course learning objectives, managing your project, your first hurdle task and the literature review.
  • Week 2: planning for your final assessment task, communication skills, integrity and submission.

This course will require at least 70 hours of study.


There are three requirements for successful completion:

  • Task 1 – Research Proposal Outline
  • Task 2 – Literature Review
  • Task 3 – Video recording (research proposal) and automated interview

Detailed feedback will be provided through the rubrics after the submission of your work.

You must receive an overall grade of at least satisfactory on all 3 assessment pieces to pass the course and be eligible to receive credit towards a Master’s degree.

To join the final assessment course please proceed to the registration page.