Safeguarding Courses

Enhance your career with our online safeguarding training courses. You can explore the safeguarding of adults to safeguarding in collaborative research.

Topics related to Safeguarding


The UK government defines the six safeguarding principles as follows:

  • Empowerment: Creating conditions in which people can make their own choices and decisions, and provide informed consent.
  • Prevention: Having the necessary skills to take action before harm occurs.
  • Proportionality: Providing a response that is appropriate to the risk while being the least intrusive option possible.
  • Protection: Providing support and representation for people most in need.
  • Partnership: Creating conditions, structures, and solutions within communities that make it possible to report and protect against neglect and abuse.
  • Accountability: Upholding rigid standards of transparency and accountability in safeguarding practice.

Depending on your role and workplace environment, there are different levels of safeguarding and requirements for specific skills, knowledge, and expertise.

In the healthcare sector, the six levels of safeguarding adults are as follows:

  • Level 1: Applies to everyone working in healthcare.
  • Level 2: Applies to employees who have regular contact with patients, families, or the public.
  • Level 3: Applies to those involved in assessment, planning, and intervention for people.
  • Level 4: Applies to professionals who are commissioning primary care, including lead doctors, heads of adult safeguarding, and named GPs or doctors for organisations.

Safeguarding courses are a valuable tool for anyone who works closely with adults, youth, or children. Training in safeguarding is typically a requirement for healthcare professionals, educators, policymakers, charity workers, and other roles in which you may be working with vulnerable adults or children.

CPD-approved online safeguarding courses

Our CPD-approved safeguarding courses will help you enhance your knowledge and understanding of safeguarding, to ensure you and your team are adhering to the most recent standards and legal obligations.

We offer a variety of courses for those working in healthcare, the charity sector, international relations and more. With these courses, you’ll learn to identify individuals who may be vulnerable and understand ways to implement safeguarding practices to protect them and their rights.

Gain your certification in safeguarding adults

Our safeguarding adults courses will provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to adhere to safeguarding standards and identify safeguarding obligations in various industries and contexts.

You’ll gain a comprehensive overview of how to participate in safeguarding processes and understand the challenges and complexities of safeguarding. These courses offer the latest guidance for navigating your role in line with safeguarding rules and expectations.

Explore common situations such as information sharing, communication, confidentiality and more. With our courses on safeguarding adults, you’ll develop crucial skills to promote and practice safeguarding in the workplace. For example, learn how to adapt safeguarding principles to suit research contexts with our course from The University of Glasgow.

Explore topics relating to the safeguarding of children and young people

As well as our library of safeguarding-specific courses, we offer a variety of online courses in relevant areas such as child protection and mental health first aid. These will benefit teachers, support workers, and anyone else working closely with children and young people.

Gain a wider understanding of situations where children and young people may be at risk or in vulnerable positions with training in psychological first aid for children.

Specialised microcredentials in mental health support for children and young people will help you develop the ability to recognize mental health and safeguarding concerns while providing you with the skills to respond and take further action.

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