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Stefan Reindl

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Introduction to Intercultural Studies

University of Leeds

The Introduction to Intercultural Studies program consisted of five short online courses and focuses on different aspects of understanding cultures. You'll understanding the concept of culture and interculturality. You'll then explore different dimensions of cross cultural studies such as intercultural contact, crossing borders, language and the branding of culture.

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Learning outcomes

The Introduction to Intercultural Studies program is suitable for anyone with an interest in intercultural studies, intercultural communication and the concepts of culture and intercultuality. By completing all five courses, learners will have:

  • defined the terms ‘culture’ and ‘interculturality’
  • analysed concepts such as dimensions of cultures and othering
  • compared a range of intercultural interactions
  • recognised ways in which people develop intercultural competence
  • explored the concept of intercultural contact from historical and global perspectives
  • identified how ethnographic study supports the investigation of cultural environments
  • explored the relationship between language and culture
  • compared national and cultural borders, as well as experiences of people crossing borders
  • identified how culture is used to market products and services.
  • evaluated how soft power is derived from the spreading of cultural products and practices
  • assessed the extent to which globalisation facilitates cultural imperialism.

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University of Leeds program

Introduction to Intercultural Studies