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Become a Developer

There are many developer jobs—from web and app developer to software engineer—but all involve creating and coding computer software. Begin learning how to code and explore short online programming courses, whatever your level.

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What skills do you need to become a developer?

  • Coding and programming

    Professional developers specialise in at least one programming language, though most have a knowledge of several. New languages and platforms are constantly appearing, and online courses are a great way to learn about them.

  • Collaboration

    Developers work closely with project managers, analysts, designers and clients. This might also involve working as part of fast-moving team structures such as Agile or DevOps.

  • Testing and maintaining

    Developers are tasked with debugging, upgrading and reiterating programs and work with testers and users to keep improving them.

  • Problem-solving

    No matter the discipline, developers are called upon to solve user problems with code and fix problems inside programs.

Develop these skills. Start a short programming or web development course

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What do developers say about these programming courses?

The course helped me discover my passion for programming. Using Python was not something required in my degree, neither was it necessary for my job. However, it has helped me do my current job better than ever, and I know it will provide me with a great advance for my future.

Learner on Learn to Code for Data Analysis

I enjoyed taking this course a lot because it provided a structured framework for getting to grips with the language and a very friendly and collaborative atmosphere which made it fun. The camaraderie seemed to embrace everyone, including lecturers, mentors, and fellow students—we had a great bunch of people.

Learner on Functional Programming in Haskell

The benefits of taking software developer courses online with FutureLearn

Learn flexibly online, for free

Develop valuable skills with a short, online programming course wherever you are. Start learning for free, on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Upgrade for tests and Certificates

Upgrade your chosen course to get unlimited access, take tests and prove what you’ve learnt with a Certificate of Achievement.

Meet development experts

Learn with experts from top international universities and business schools. Network with developers all over the world.

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National Coding Week

18-25 September 2017

FutureLearn teamed up with National Coding Week to help bring coding and digital skills to everyone, regardless of their age or experience. During the week, you could

  • Get your coding questions answered with our Raspberry Pi Facebook Q&A
  • Join our evening coding class and start learning, no matter your experience level
  • Start learning any time with our wide range of online coding courses