Become a Finance Manager

Finance managers, sometimes known as financial controllers, are responsible for managing a company’s financial aims and output - from day-to-day decisions through to end-of-year goals. Start your career now with short online financial management courses.

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What skills do you need to become a finance manager?

  • Reporting

    Finance managers feed back monthly and annual financial reports to companies, analysing information and monitoring budgets.

  • Advising

    A finance manager will offer points of view on how to cut spending, improve investment and make a company more financially efficient.

  • Managing

    Professional finance managers need to manage both people and financial processes, overseeing everything from payroll and invoicing through to team performance.

  • Research

    It’s important for finance managers to be plugged into markets and aware of business trends. They must also make sure a company is in-line with financial regulations.

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What do people say about these financial management courses?

"After completing the course, I am more knowledgeable, my opinions are respected and I am better equipped to implement procedures. I have improved as a manager."

"It was like learning in a classroom filled with people from diverse backgrounds, discussing, reading other learners’ comments… Feels good to have participated in this course."

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