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Get creative with free online courses from top universities and creative organisations. Explore acting, animation, filmmaking, photography, poetry, songwriting or creative writing courses.

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Develop your creative skills with these free online courses

  • Start storytelling

    Discover how to tell compelling stories in different mediums and master how to write successful fiction, poetry and songs.

  • Learn how to make a film

    Explore the process of filmmaking, from learning how to make your own visual effects and promoting a film, to going behind the scenes of feature filmmaking.

  • Make music

    Understand how and why music affects us and then learn how to write powerful music yourself.

  • Find a new creative career

    Discover a creative vocation, find a new hobby or develop a new skill - from commercial photography to performance to running a fashion business.

Develop your creativity with these FutureLearn courses

The benefits of taking a creative course online with FutureLearn

Learn online, for free, wherever you are

From Filmmaking and songwriting, to creative writing and careers in music, expand your creative skillset for free. Learn on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Upgrade for tests and Certificates

Upgrade your chosen course to get unlimited access, take tests and demonstrate your creative skills with a Certificate of Achievement.

Meet professional creatives

Learn with experts from top universities and creative organisations. Expand your creative network using social learning.