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Certificate of Achievement

Nicola Andreij Rieg

has completed the following course:

Climate Change Leadership

Uppsala University

This online course explored the emerging and interdisciplinary field of climate change leadership. The course focused on mitigation strategies, carbon budgets, climate justice, the outcomes of the Paris agreement, environmental history, adaptation, transformation, local climate change challenges, complexity, opportunities for change, transboundary water management, technology, power relationships, leadership, communication, psychology, and the development of a climate change leadership plan.

5 weeks, 4 hours per week

Daniel Mossberg

Director of studies CEMUS/CSD and Acting programme director CEMUS

Uppsala University


Learning outcomes

  • Explain the nature of the complex problems resulting from interconnected social, political, and climate change issues, and the leadership challenges associated with these problems.
  • Identify their own role as a climate change leader, and ways to overcome personal or organizational barriers to change.
  • Apply climate change leadership tools in their own organizations or contexts.


  • The outcomes of the Paris Agreement and different targets; a historical view on humanity, nature and climate; climate change leadership in your own context.
  • Climate justice, carbon budgets, mitigation strategies, adaptation and the deliberate transformations; local climate change leadership.
  • Climate change as a set of complex challenges or possibilities for change; setting goals for a world we want to live in; transboundary water management, migration; what technology can and cannot do; and who’s responsible for climate change; systems thinking.
  • Perspectives on leadership, communication, narratives, skills and psychological barriers to change.
  • Civic courage, privilege, people who lead and your own climate change leadership plan.

Issued on 2nd January 2017

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Climate Change Leadership

Uppsala University